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Protect Decayed or Damaged Teeth

Crowns (sometimes referred to as caps) are used to cover teeth that have been weakened by decay, cracks, or breakdown of large, old fillings. Crowns may also be needed after a root canal. The affected tooth is trimmed down so that the crown can be properly fitted over it. The most common materials used for crowns are porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or gold. They can can last from five to more than 15 years, depending on the material and care of the teeth.


Learn more about crowns from the American Dental Association Mouth Healthy site.

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Gum Disease Prevention

Regular Check-ups and Care Help Prevent Gum Disease

For adults, periodontal (gum) disease is a major cause of tooth loss. Often painless, gum disease may develop slowly or progress quite rapidly. This disease can occur at any age, and unless you have regular dental checkups, including a periodontal exam, you may not be aware you have a problem until your gums and bone have been seriously compromised.

Learn More

Find out more about gum disease prevention at the National Institutes of Health site and the American Dental Association Mouth Healthy site.

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